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Journal VOL. 1 NO. 1, June. 2021, ISSN: 2811 - 2393

Teaching the Social Sciences in Igbo Language: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Development of the Metalanguage

Asogwa Chijioke Chukwudi



Igbo has become a language of instruction in literature, history, linguistics education etc., but not yet in the Social Sciences. For Igbo to become a language of instruction in these areas of learning, the metalanguage played a very important role.  But not much attention has been given to the development of the words and expressions for the concepts that are inherent in the study of the social sciences. To produce a metalanguage that would enable the teaching of the social science: Economics, Political Science, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, research collaboration between the scholars of Igbo language and that of the social sciences is needed.  The paper suggests that to achieve this goal, a committee should be established for each branches of the social sciences.  Each of the committee is to be made up of scholars of Igbo language and experts from that discipline.  The works of these committees are to be supervised and coordinated by Igbo Studies Association and the society for the promotion of Igbo language and culture.  The governments of the Igbo speaking States and corporate bodies should provide adequate fund to support these committees. With a sustained and in-depth research, the metalanguage for social sciences would be produced and this will enable the teaching and learning of the social sciences in Igbo language.

Keywords: Metalanguage, Culture, Collaboration, Instruction

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