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Journal VOL. 1 NO. 2, July. 2022, ISSN: 2811 - 2393

Governance and COVID-19 in Developing Countries: Observations from Nigeria

Ogunwa Samuel Adetola, Ogunwa Florence Adeseeke



The governments across the world were caught unprepared for the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic that claimed several lives. Millions of people struggled between life and death in both developed and developing countries. The disease was so devastating that various governments closed their borders, shut down socio-economic and political activities. Peoples were devastated because there was no movement within and between countries. To cushion the challenges posed by corona-virus, governments, and organizations in different countries provided palliatives ranging from financial incentives, food items among others for their citizens even helped the needy countries. The paper argues that the effect of covid-19 in Nigeria is more than the covid-19 pandemic itself. Nigerians defiled the directives of their governments largely because these governments’ palliatives not only yielded negative development but was only for the few selected Nigerians. Besides, the elites who were infected by covid-19 struggled to have space within the limited bed spaces with the masses. Thus reaping from bad governance they put in place. The paper concludes that the events of 2020 particularly the corona-virus provided a holistic call to the governments in the country that without delay to put in place institutional mechanisms that will address the issue of good governance: energy, roads, security particularly modern health care facilities which the government and the governed can access with tokenism for their well-being

Keywords: Governance; Covid-19; Health Care System; Corruption; Nigeria.

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