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Journal VOL. 1 NO. 2, July. 2022, ISSN: 2811 - 2393

The Outcomes of Logistic and Human Capital Outsourcing on Firm’s Performance

Ngwama Justice Chidi, Onochie Maxwell Prosper



This study examined the relationship between inter-industry outsourcing and firm’s performance. Three firms in Agbara, Igbesa and Ota, were chosen for the study. An ex post - factor design was adopted and the primary data was collected with the use of structured questionnaire. Ninety copies of the questionnaire were administered and 90 retrieved representing a 100% return rate and cronbach Alpha was 0.0734. Multiple regression was used to analyze the hypotheses, where the findings revealed that logistics outsourcing and human capital significantly affected firm’s performance at p<0.05. The study concluded that inter-industry outsourcing affects firm performance. It is therefore recommended that firms should outsource non-core functions and also hire competent staff to interface with customers.

Keywords: Outsourcing, Logistics, Performance, Competence, Strategy

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