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Journal VOL. 1 NO. 2, July. 2022, ISSN: 2811 - 2393

Civil Society Advocacy and Women Participation in Politics: Implications For 2023 Elections in Nigeria

Chidinma Theresa Elueze, Bartholomew Agunnia Onyekwere



The inclusion of women in politics has become imperative in addressing the sociopolitical and economic inequities and discrimination confronting them. The representation of women in elective positions have been cascading in spiral pattern since 1999. This has been as a result of the activities of certain agencies of political socialization that has fostered patriarchy and political apathy among women electorate. The Civil Society is a Non-governmental organization that plays critical role of advocacy and capacity building for citizens. This paper examines the role and strategies of non-governmental organizations in empowering women to engage in 2023 General elections in Nigeria. The paper is descriptive and analytical gleaning from secondary sources. Findings revealed that capacity building, mentoring and advocacy from women non-governmental organisations have resulted in an increase of women winning party primaries and gaining more support from agencies of political socialization. The paper enunciates that Non-governmental organisations that focused on women political participation are changing the narratives and galvanizing strong support for women to engage in politics. In light of the findings, this paper recommended that Non-governmental organisations should re-orient focal agencies of socializtion to change the social norms that inhibit women participation in politics through awareness, advocacy and capacity building.

Keywords: women, gender, NGOs, political participation, apathy, patriarchy, political socialization

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